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Home Rugs Comparison List

April 12, 2009
Currently, I am renovating our house and one thing that I like to change is the flooring. Make some great improvement on it. I might use tiles to cover it but still rugs and carpets are my preferred materials to use to protect the flourished floors. Natural area rugs are the number one in my list to use for my house. I like natural or organic materials because I believe that these materials can cause no harm to the environment which I am always concerned and believe that we should do something. Now, I gather several qualities, characteristics and other things to know about different types of natural home rugs from to compare each type to each other. I will discuss each so that readers who are interested in buying them will have an idea on what to consider or to prefer later.

Here's the list, I will start with the first three natural rugs I am considering right now at home:

1. Sisal rugs - This is always on my number one list. It is simply because I personally like the materials used for it. Its highly durable, sound absorbing, flame resistant and don't forget about its premium and stylish weave. Aside from that its very affordable and earth friendly.

2. Seagrass rugs or Mountain Grass rugs - This is one of my natural rugs that are considered to possessed both economy and quality. Economy and quality in a sense that it is both affordable and at the same time possesses a stylish appearance with great durability. It is usually use in highly traffic area of the house or offices because of its resilience, stain resistance and long wearing.

3. Jute rugs or Accent Rugs - Known to have a great appeal for designers and home decorators because of its tone style and decorative colors. These natural rugs are best for those who look for both appeal and comfort.

This is just the first three of the rugs that I am considering to use. Actually there's a lot of style and I think one post on this blog is not enough for me to explain each so I will just discuss the remaining items on my next issue.


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