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I'll Bring My Kid to Watch Shrek Forever After

May 15, 2010

Its been our "tradition" at home to watch movies like Shrek together in theaters and this year since, the last and final book for Shrek will be opened this coming weekend, we are planning to watch the film together again. Shrek Forever After or also known as Shrek The Final Chapter or  Shrek 4  is the 4th sequel of the popular comedy fairy tale story of an ogre. As far as I could remember the story of Shrek changes how children looks fairy tale. Imagine an "ugly" (sorry for the use of the word) and green creature is the lead character of the "happy ever after" story.

Now, I am planning to watch Robin Hood too later this week right before watching Shrek with my son and wife. With Robin Hood movie, I don't know if my wife would love to watch this kind of movie. He prefers to watch Letters to Juliet by Amanda Seyfried - a love story rather than blood action epic story of Russell Crowe. Women really got different taste when it comes to movies. But we have something in common when it comes to bringing joy to the face our kid and that is letting him to watch the ogre and the donkey. :)


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