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Robin Hood Didn't Beat Iron Man 2 in WBO!

May 17, 2010
That's right Robin Hood vs. Iron Man 2 on WBO (weekend box office) got a result already and it shows that the classic recreation of Robin Hood wasn't able to earn enough to beat down the Marvel super hero Iron Man 2 film. On the estimated earning for the weekend opening of the movie, Robin Hood only earned about $37 million to fall only on the 2nd place of the chart against the additional earning made in the weekend by Iron Man 2 adding a solid $53 million.

You can see the complete top 10 box office chart hitters for last weekend opening on the link which can be found at

Now why is it that it can't make it to the top as Iron Man 2 did? Well, people don't expect much on the usual Robin Hood, arrow, thief and classic "brave heart" hero thing and they want to see something new and some critics said that the latter didn't deliver enough to make the same interest as Iron Man 2 have.

Honestly, I wasn't able to watch it yet and planning to watch it. I like movies like this and I like how Russell Crowe handle a role and I believe that this movie deserve great praise.


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