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Iron Man 2 Some Missing Scenes?

May 7, 2010
I watched Iron Man 2 on a 2D theater and really found it excited. I even bring my son to watch it and he really enjoy the different feeling. It was his first time to watch movies on a dark theater. :)

Now I finished watching the film satisfied with how Iron Man 2 goes but what I have something that I am looking from the movie. I missed something or did I just go to the bathroom and misses that scene. No I did not! I really miss something. Specifically the scene from the trailer where Pepper kissed the helmet of Iron Man which is actually awkward 'coz the helmet shouldn't be removable. It is found on the previous trailer of Iron Man 2.

I will confirm this feeling and watch Iron Man 2 online later tonight. They might have removed it for some reasons.

My next stop to theaters this coming week will be Robin Hood by Russell Crowe and direction of Ridley Scott. I might watch Robin Hood online too whenever its available which always happens.


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