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After Shrek, We'll Go for Toy Story 3 Next

May 21, 2010

I have said on my recent post that I'll bring my kid to watch Shrek Forever After and now our next target on theaters which he keeps on asking me every single day if it already released on theaters is the 3rd sequel of the animated film featuring Buzz and Woody. I am referring to our plans to watch Toy Story 3 on June 18, 2010.

Pixar are really producing lovely films that really heighten the interest of my kid to watch on dark theaters and not afraid of the dark places. It also shows some good values that both delivers good traits and great entertainment for my child. This is the reason why I am patronizing this film and even recommend it to my friends out there.

By the way, if in case you have read this outside DIGITALFRENZIED.BLOGSPOT.COM this only mean that this post or articles have been scraped or shall we say COPIED by someone who knows how to create blogs but don't know how to express himself in any way he can. However, I thanked him because at least he will generate a duplicate content of my site but also provide a link back to my site which I honestly don't know if it will harm me or him alone.


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