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Want to Watch Robin Hood 2010 version - the Ridley Scott Version!

May 5, 2010
I really love how Russell Crowe played the role of Maximus in Gladiator and how Ridley Scott directed the said film. That's why when I've heard that they've reunited to produce the film Robin Hood, I am really excited about it and waiting the said movie to be shown in local theaters in our place. However, I need to wait until they will released it which is according to, it will be released  by May 14, 2010. Actually the movie's theme is just almost the same with tone of other Robin Hood films. Robin is a thief who is a marksman a sharp shooter and a hero of their village.

Its the same thing with this 2010 version, Robin is leading his village to fight against the injustice of the leaders of their village. Its a classic battle of bow and arrow, castles and catapults with Robin Hood.

Now possible options that I could do if I just can't really wait is to watch Robin Hood online. Its free on according to them and will wait for its video streaming when available.

Here's the trailer of the movie and tell me if why I should not watch it:


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