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Dr. House Falls In Love

September 22, 2010
The witty, funny, tricky but wise Dr. House is back and now he is truly, madly, deeply in love with Dr. Cuddy. That is what the 7th season is all about. It will surround to the relationship of Dr. House with his fellow physician, Dr. Cuddy. House season 7 episode 1 is entitled as "Now What?" and it seems that his love made him so difficult to be found when he was needed to assist the ailing Prionceton neurosurgeon.

Well, of course HELP will surely come with House's crew and the medical drama will surely make a great start with its first episode.

A lot of TV series really made me to stay late at night and aside from House and Glee, the upcoming Smallville season 10 episode 1 which is the highly anticipated return of the future Superman in its last season in TV. Clark Kent will surely say goodbye to his old boy next door personality into a serious guy that saves the day and stops the destruction of earth. Go Superman, I will surely watch you on Friday night!


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