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What Should I Do this Weekend?

September 12, 2010
Hmmm... I am thinking of watching movies online this weekend but I am not satisfied to the quality of the movie rendered to online streaming sites so maybe I will just go to the theaters to watch it but the problem is the always issue that I am ranting every time I am talking about movie houses in our place. As usual they are late here and shows movies a week or more to show movie that I really love to watch. This is the reason why I am sometimes lured to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife online and even download videos online.

However, the big screen is really different from ordinary small LCD flat screen. Unlike if I will just watch TV series that will be just fine like watching the upcoming True Blood Season 3 episode 12, it will just give me enough or satisfaction when I am going to the scenes.

Well, maybe later I'll just wait for the time that comes that Resident Evil will be released in our theaters here, if I can make myself to wait :).


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