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When Was the Last Time that I Watched a Comedy Film?

September 18, 2010
I am really into horror film specially Asian J and K horror movies. I just can't get myself on watching this kind of low budget yet terrifying film. This might be one of the reasons that lately I wasn't able to watch comedy film. Even Grown Ups and block buster hit The Other Guys, I wasn't able to watch it in theaters yet. I am still waiting for its DVD/BVD version instead and watch it at home. Now, I have seen on the movie showing list this week that a comedy film which is quite sounds like the famous American Pie and sexy humor comedy that I have watched that will be showing and got a quite number of audience because of its simple humor.

I am referring to Emma Stone's Easy A. That's right "Easy A" is yet another comedy film that I am planning to watch in big screen. I think Emma Stone will deliver a nice LOL for me. Well, I am not sure really but I will first watch Easy A online and if in the first 10 minutes I don't like it then, I will watch Easy A through online streaming. All of it!


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