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Is Being Selfish Really Part of Being In Love?

September 25, 2010
Well you might wondering why I'll be talking about love in this blog. Nah I am not being "EMO" or what but I am just inspired by the upcoming episode of House with the same title as part of my title, "Selfish" which is set to air next week. House season 7 episode 2 is the next episode that will touch the relationship of Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy set in a working environment where everybody with their medical staff are witness. I am just wondering if the love felt by the two will cause the to be so selfish and patients (and their medical crew) will suffer the consquences. Well, I think House is so wise to be like that. He will surely find a way to make things work on their place.

If love is in the air next week on House, Glee season 2 episode 2 will be quite different as the Glee club members hallucinate after their dentist session and Britney Spears's some greatest hits will be featured and will be sang by the club with the original artist of the song as there special guests. Millions of viewers from around the globe will surely watch this once again!

Oh well, love or party that does matter at all as long as you enjoy either or both of them. Enjoy your weekend guys!


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