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Making a Path for a Pet and My Sons with Stair Tread Rugs

March 15, 2011
I am just wondering if Chichi (my Shitsu pet) would love my newly purchased stair rugs from NAR and I hope she will not soil the rug.

I did get the star treads and rugs from them not only for the dog but of course to enhance the appearance of our stairs and at the same time protecting my kid, his grand ma / pa and of course my lovely Chichi from accidental slippering.

When I check on NaturalAreaRugs' site, I saw this cute pic and got an idea on what design that I chose. I trusted this company cause it delivers the best natural carpet ever in my history of getting my floors decorated. I even get almost all of the area rugs in my house. I just love their designs and the durability of the natural carpets featured on their store. Imagine, the children and bathroom rug that I've got from their from few years back is still alive and still got the looks that impressively make a warmth feeling for my kid's room.

How about you guys, are you using stair carpets? By the way, make sure guys that when you use them, it should be permanently installed with strong hold glues, tacks or nails for carpets to avoid accidents due to inappropriate installation of the rug. Remember, its better to stick it right than to be sorry!

Image on this post is taken from the official website of NAR at


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