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Recession & Expenses: Importance of Expense Report Tracking

March 21, 2011

Tough times needs tough solution. The world faces recession and its been tough for everyone. This is the reason why expense tracking should be implemented with great vigilance considering the practicality of the implementation. Despite the tough economy, a lot of employees and businessmen are always on the go. Tracking of the activities and money spending are sometimes forgotten because of the inability to store proof of spending such as paper or digital receipts properly.

This problem can be solved via free and inexpensive tools like online expense management software. What you just need is a mobile phone like iPhone or Blackberry or any phone capable of mobile internet and an application software intended for storing and tracking expenses like the free (for individual only) tools from With the software, you can save your receipts on the cloud or online server and you can easily retrieve anytime and anywhere with internet.

You can easily generate expense report through the use of the software. With this you can track the software and send it to your manager/auditor for reimbursements. If you are interested with this kind of system, you can check the full feature of this from They also have this cool gadget named "receipt scanner" where you could easily scan your receipts and automatically save it to your online account. It will be easy as 1-2-3.

Here's a demo video that I found from Youtube showing how you can use your iPhone with Certify's expense management system:


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