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Sucker Punch and Source Code - Two Films That I Am Looking Forward To Watch!

March 16, 2011
I really love to watch movies and even collect them if I happened to drop by in a video store in our place. This year, there's a lot of stunning films that really made me to ask for more. The advancement of the technology makes the movie experience really amazing. But of course we can't get away with the creativity that the writers are using just to make a great story.

Now, one of the movie that I want to see in theaters is the hard hitting all girls 3D film entitled Sucker Punch. It is described by a lot of movie buffs and critics as a very violent version of Ms. Alice in Wonderland with explosives and big guns. The special effects were wonderfully crafted in a way that will make viewing of old action hit movies very obsolete.

Another film that I want to watch is the latest film by Jake Gyllenhaal (yes I've got the spelling right!), SOURCE CODE. Since, I've been into programming almost my entire life, when I saw this title, I thought it will be just another geek film hacking the computer world to make some statement but I was wrong when I saw its trailer. The story line is somewhat like Denzel Washington DejaVu but this time, the setting is on the train and it is likely more a time travel of a guy though a subconscious of another guy. Unlike Dejavu, Denzel views the past and discovered that he is travelling through time while on Source Code Jake knows that his mission is to go back to the time before his consciousness recipient dies. A really unique and highly adrenaline rusher film.

Now, if I will be asked, what will be the order of watching this film well, it I prefer to watch Source Code first before I watch Sucker Punch. What about you, do you have any interest to these genre of films?


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