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Where Will I Watch Pacquiao vs. Mosley Fight Online or Offline This Coming May?

March 24, 2011
The Pacquiao vs. Mosley boxing event is one of the sports happening of 2011 that I am waiting to watch. It is a welterweight (147 pounds weight limit) championship match which will be held on May 7 (US time, May 8 in the Philippines) at the MGM in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Despite that I personally think that "Sugar" Shane Mosley can't take the Filipino champ, still I want to watch this match. Its Manny Pacquiao and it will surely be very exciting every round of the fight.

Now there are a lot options to watch Pacquiao vs. Mosley online or offline in the country. I will list some of the options that I am preparing right now.
  1.  I will buy for a pay per view from my cable provider (Cignal TV) which will only cost me about P650.00 (about $16). I prefer this because the event will be delivered in a very crisp digital form direct from my HDTV. The problem is that this wireless cable provider fails to show whenever there's heavy rain and I am not sure with the weather on May so I have other options.
  2. I can go to a coffee bar and pay for more than the PPV cost but I am open with this specially if someone from my circle of friends will ask me out to watch the fight.
  3. Watch the fight via line online streaming. Usually SOPCAST and other streaming sites like USTREAM.TV,, VShare, Vettle, etc. have this event. I should just need to visit sites such as, and for the list of links to watch them.  But the problem is "what if there's no internet" which seldom happen.
  4. Now if everything fails and if I feel really desperate to watch this boxing event, government here really wants to impress its constituents so I am very sure there will be broadcasting it on sports gym live in wide screen. I just need to go with so many crowds and bear with the heat but it will be surely exciting specially if the crowds and Pacman fans will begin to shout.
  5. Last but not the least is just wait for the delayed telecast on the local channel here which usually happens with several advertisement in the middle of each round which is quite annoying specially if you're hearing already outside that people are shouting that Manny already won (based on what they've heard on radio broadcasts).
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    Now if I have an update regarding different options or possible means to watch Pacquiao vs. Mosley live online, I will just post it here so you can bookmark this post or return to for more information about this Fight of the year.


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