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My House Renovation on Almost Final Phase

September 16, 2009
Last summer, me and my wife decided to renovate our house to accommodate our family that is little by little increases. Specially when my new boy came last July. Every month, with my humble earnings from my different jobs (day jobs to sidelines), we made some changes on our house, a simple home improvement project for ourselves. We even decided to rent a temporary to stay just to give way with the constructions. Now, it is about to come to the final phase and we decided to use a 3/4 marine plywood for the flooring of the upper floor of the house. That's the only material that I can afford as of the moment. However, the plywood is not bad and I have an idea on how it will live longer as floor of our house.

I will cover the flooring with vinyl tiles. That's right we will put vinyl tiles to the floor to protect it from immediate damage. Then will use natural rugs as part of the rooms. My older kid wants a white shag rugs for his room and wants it to be painted in blue. My wife and I is planning to use wool rugs or different accent rugs to the master bed room. We want it to be special for ourselves. On the other hand, the lower portion of the house will be covered with tiles and of course decorated by different contemporary area rugs.

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