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Farm Town Cheat Codes, Tips and Tricks on Facebook or Not

September 6, 2009
Farm Town Cheats and TricksAside from Facebook's Farmville, one of the 3rd party application of Facebook that my friends and links are so lured and been quite online due to this is the Farm Town. Its like the Farmville, actually they are quite synonymous as (ville size is almost the same with town :) ). Well, I look on the net on different tips, tricks and cheat codes for faster harvest, more coins and "better life" in Farm Town and found the following video from Youtube that I think might be interesting for Farmtown fanatics.

Watch this video and enjoy the tricks:

Now, here is a simple cheat that let you send several gifts to a friend in Farm Town:

This application was brought by Slashkey and as of today almost 18 million active Farm Town players/community/users are online in a month. Imagine that, simply amazing!


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