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Oes Tsetnoc Fixed

September 27, 2009
As I have mentioned earlier on my post (Oes Tsetnoc - A Work in Progress) regarding oes tsetnoc, it is still a work in progress and facing several indexing problems. But all of this issues were dealt by me earlier this afternoon after I found out the real reason why it is not indexed nor crawled by the search engine. It simply because my oes tsetnoc blog was initially set by the script installer Fantastico with a "NOFOLLOW, NOINDEX" robots meta tag which causes it to not to be seen on the SERPs.

What I did to fix this oes tsetnoc issue is simply set it manually on the Privacy Settings of the Admin Page of the blog. I even made a video about it showing how I done the said solution for the said "spider crawling" issues. Here's the video and hope it will help you if in case you have the same problem I have regarding your Wordpress blog.


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