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Watch Boxing Online: Mayweather vs. Marquez Live

September 12, 2009
As I have mentioned on my previous post, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is back and he said that he got what it takes to retain his kingship in the ring title by knocking out the Mexican fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez. Its an HBO boxing action packed fight this coming Saturday, September 19 at 9PM eastern time live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, there are so many ways to watch this fight. Its either you buy a ticket on the ringside or the other side of the ring, pay the HBO pay-per-view, get a theater ticket that will show it live, wait for it on replay on television or watch it live for free in online streaming which I surely think a lot of boxing fans will provide a way for you to watch it online.

So if you're a fan and want to share a link for the live online streaming coverage of the Mayweather vs. Marquez fight, just leave your comment here and share it to the world. They deserve a fight that they can watch and live to the rest of their lives. Don't you think?

If you want to watch it live now, just look for the links on the comment and it will be updated whenever I validated and verify the links so be back during this time guys.


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