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Oes Tsetnoc - a Work in Progress

September 20, 2009
Have you heard this phrase: oes tsetnoc? If not then let me explain to you the real purpose of these two-word phrase. It originated in Decipher, one of the moderator and I think the forum owner of the said site announced the competition of the year where all search engine specialists around the globe are challenge to target oes tsetnoc on Google and top the result pages of the said search engine. I am one of the entrant of the said contest of wit and skills but I don't know if the oes tsetnoc strategy and the time that I will allocate on this work very aggressive campaign is enough for me to take home a win. Well I guess this will be just a simple observe and acquire knowledge process wherein I will "spy" on the competitors and check on their techniques.

If in case, I managed to get at least rank #3 or simply just on page one then that will be just a bonus for me. The prize at stake on the said oes tsetnoc contest is a cash prize of $1,000 - $300 - $200 respectively. The question now is this worth of wasting time?

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