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Watch Mayweather vs. Marquez Replay Video

September 24, 2009
Last Saturday, Mayweather successfully won the fight against the Mexican's number one, Juan Manuel Marquez. His come back fight still makes him unbeaten with a record of 40 victories, including 25 knockouts. He even said it took him a warm-up period, but he was happy with his comeback performance. Here are some of the facts regarding the match:

Floy Mayweather
Thrown Punches: 493
Connected: 290
Percentage: 59%

Juan Manuel Marquez
Thrown Punches: 583
Connected: 69
Percentage: 12%

You will see the difference between the two fighters, based on the statistic above. Regarding the replay video of the Mayweather vs. Marquez fight, it will be televised this coming Saturday, Sept. 26 right before the the heavyweight championship event: Vitali Klitschko vs. Chris Arreola boxing event. So watch for it HERE soon!

Image from HBO Boxing


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