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UFC 105 in Manchester, England

November 13, 2009
This November 14, the Ultimate Fighting Championship returns in Manchester, England as the famous mixed martial arts features the showdown of the middleweight (185lbs) fighters British hero Michael "The Count" Bisping and Denis Kang and the main event of the fight will be Corture vs. Vera and Swick vs. Hardy. This fight can be watched live on ESPN in the UK and Ireland.

The 30-year-old Bisping (17-2) kicked off the UFC’s invasion of the United Kingdom in April 2007 at UFC 70, when he defeated Elvis Sinosic at the MEN Arena, Manchester. Bisping received staggering support that night, prompting one respected British sports writer to hail the atmosphere as the loudest he’d ever heard at the famous fight venue.
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Now, with the same date with the Pacquiao Cotto firepower match this Saturday, which one will you watch? The world welterweight boxing championship involving heroes from Philippines and Puerto Rico - Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto or the 105th ultimate fighting championship of UFC? Me, of course, I'll prefer watching Pacquiao vs. Cotto live and watch UFC's replay later.


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