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Watch 2012 Movie Online Hmmm..., Where?

November 9, 2009
One of the movie that I am waiting to watch this coming November 13 is the end of the world movie 2012. It stars one of the multi-awarded actor of Hollywood, John Cusack. It revolves on the story of the end of the world as predicted based on the last date of the Mayan calendar where earth will be destroyed or will stop from existing on the date December 21, 2012 (12/21/2012 - 4 days before Christmas of 2012).

Honestly, I don't believe about this end of the world myth or whatever but I like how the movie was portrayed showing different landmarks from around the globe destroyed by large tsunamis and earthquakes plus I like how they plot the story of the lead roles as they show the human greatest traits which is the heroic struggle of mankind to survive the unthinkable calamity.

When I first watch 2012 trailer, I was really amazed with how they've done with the special effects and makes me eager to watch 2012 online but of course, if I will be given a chance, I love to watch it in big screen like those in Mall of Asia or those with 4D theaters. I want to feel the "FX" come to life in theaters with the moving chairs and digital 3D sounds buzzing the dark movie theaters. I am really excited and might watch it this end of the week or after the Pacquiao vs. Cotto match this Sunday.

For those who were not able to watch the 2012 trailer yet, here is the trailer in HD of the said movie from Sony Pictures:

Now to watch it, hmmm..., just read between the lines of the post. :)


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