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Ninja Saga Tips and Tricks for Beginners

November 30, 2009
I just loved to play Ninja Saga during my free time and I like to share some tips and tricks on what I didn't do and did during increasing the level of my Ninja character. Here are some of the tips that I think applicable only for beginning Genin (Level 1 & up) so please don't ask me for any tips regarding the Chunin Exam or what but if you have anything to share about this, feel free to leave it on the comment form below.
  1. For those who just created account their account and undecided to what element to choose, get an earth element combine with the other elements. Earth element's ninjutsu are known for having great defense and big attacks.
  2. Don't convert your tokens to gold yet. Tokens can be used to buy powerful items on higher level. Just be patient.
  3. Get a Genjutsu, Ninjutsu or a Taijutsu with a stun effect. This makes your opponent got stunned and skip their attack turns.
Contribute your tips here by leaving comments here. Sayonara for now!


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