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Can Not Play Facebook Games

November 24, 2009
I am really busy right now. Not because of the oes tsetnoc search engine event but because of the different tasks assigned to me. My schedule made me to forget about playing Facebook games like the Farm Town, Mafia War and Ninja Saga. It seems that I lack free time to go deal with it. Aside from that I am eager to mark some difference on the oes tsetnoc competition and I am doing a little push on it.

Aside from these busy reasons, the network admin that is responsible for the internet connection of our office intentionally blocks Facebook and game channels on the web. For obvious reasons of course, he finds "it" as waste of time. Oh well, I am trying to find means now to overcome with the internet filter and start playing with Facebook games again. The only mean that I am thinking was also blocked so I have no choice but to play with it at home which is sometimes not possible because I prioritize 'work at home' above entertaining myself through these flash games.


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