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Watch Miss Earth 2009 Dinner and Bikini / Swim Wear Showdown

November 6, 2009
Miss Earth 2009 was scheduled to be held in the island of Boracay in the Philippines this coming November 22. Being one of the greatest tourist spot in the country, the white sand will surely get into all the candidates feet as they do their final ramp and shows on the pristine waters of the Boracay Island. Just recently, several candidates of the said prestigious pageant for environmental awareness and better earth, arrived in the Philippines. Here's their video on their first dinner in the place:

The almost 80 contestants from different countries around the world even made a bikini showdown in front of media in Ricky Reyes' mansion with Christmas decor background making a certain "warm feeling" for the spectators of the said event. The following video shows the Miss Earth 2009 bikini / swim wear attires as reported by a Filipino channel (specifically by ABS-CBN):

The pageant night of this event will be aired on Channel 2: ABS-CBN and don't miss it here, I might find some resources where you can watch Miss Earth 2009 online for free and share it with you here. If I did not found something then let just watch it all in replay and it is possible that it will be published on Youtube. Let us just cross fingers and hope this might be the case.


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