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What to Give this Christmas Season?

November 22, 2009
Christmas Gift to Give?I am just wondering what is the perfect gift that I could give to all the people that I most care about. I have usually problems in selecting the right gift for them, not because I can't afford to buy the gift but because I hate shopping so much. Specially during season where shopping malls are so full of shoppers maybe because they have plenty of money to spend during the season (despite the recession). This is the reason why I would prefer buying items online, maybe through eBay or other stores.

Well, if I will be the one to be given by a gift and if I will be asked what I will prefer to give to my loved ones, I will buy the following items for them:

1. Mobile phones. Cellphones will just make any recipient jumps for joy specially if it is a BlackBerry Storm 2, HTC HDC 2 or an iPhone 3GS.

2. Netbook. The introduction of this atom processor driven mobile PC brings any giver an idea of a cheap gadget to give.

3. Toys. Any kid just loved it and through out the time its more effective in getting a smile from them. RCA cars can be a nice choice or a Transformer robot.

4. Animal Pet. A small breed of dog like a shih tzu will really make your girl like it or a cat or a any pet can be a great gift too.

These are just some of the gifts that I think I love to give and receive, how about you what do you like for Christmas or what gift will you give?

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