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November 23, 2009
Do you like the hero in green suit and alien transformation power, Ben 10? Then you might love his live-action sequel of the Ben 10: Race Against time entitled Ben 10: Alien Swarm which is set to premiere worldwide on the 25th of November 7PM ET (for international schedules, well just check on your local CN for that) and it can only be watched on Cartoon Network. The said movie on TV is about Ben and his 'crew' fighting against the alien invaders. Here's the plot of the movie as published by Wikipedia:
The storyline of the television movie follows Ben as he makes the tough and somewhat contentious decision to break ranks with his fellow Plumber allies in order to help a friend in need. A mysterious girl in her own right, Elena, a childhood friend of Ben's, hints at an oncoming alien threat to the Earth. As such, Ben Tennyson, along with Gwen and Kevin, lend their super powered instincts (much to the latter two's displeasure) to help Elena in her mission to find her missing father, Validus.
Now, what do you think about this, will it hit nice? For those who will miss it, don't worry it can be bought on DVD or Blu-ray by December 1.


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