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HC Mealworms and Superworms New Design

May 3, 2009
Today, I found out that Haocheng Mealworm, Inc., a breeding farm of mealworms and superworms of China recently updated their website The said website was recently changed to a better look design to better serve its clients. The said company provides information about their services and products relevant to their farm. This design was created by a Los Angeles Web Design company in California named Claremont Design.

For the information of everyone, mealworms and superworms are organisms that are great source of protein both for human and animals. Their natural rich content for vitamins and proteins makes it very beneficial to the body and well-being of those who take it. For human, these organisms are made as protein additive to different recipes that are tested to be healthy. These worms are natural feed for birds and other worm feeeding animals. Tons and tons are produced by Haocheng Mealworm, Inc. and you can can contact them on their website if you want to inquire or ask for more details on their products - from superworms and mealworms pricing to shipping.


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