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I Still Play Counter-Strike, New Games Anybody?

May 18, 2009
Counter-Strike RPG game has been around for a couple years in the country and still a lot of players are spending time to play it despite new wonderful and graphical games have been around after this 3D action games. I am one of those who still play it during my free time and whenever I feel bored of the things I am usually doing. It gives me a certain feeling of relaxation and at the same time fun. Of course, it is just for past time and honestly don't like to promote violent games at any way but it is just comes to me once in a while and I just can't prevent myself hitting those left button mouse to see a "terrorist" or "counter-terrorist" characters flying on the hair when hit by the "Magnum Sniper" or "IDF Defender".

Well, I want to play new action games or online games like DOTA (Warcraft Map), Starcraft II, SIM 3 and other RPG games but I don't know if I could still find time to play it. I don't even have an installation of these games. I think its too expensive to buy. Well maybe later if I earn enough to get them. How about you what game (arcades, 3D, online games, LAN games) you're playing right now? Share it with me by leaving your comments here.


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