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Car Desire (Wants) Evolution

May 13, 2009
Honda Freed - Car I Like to HaveWhen I was younger and still studying, I really didn't dream of having my own car. I just want a simple life and commuting with the public utility vehicle ("jeepney") is fine with me. I admire beautiful cars and it really amaze me but I never think that I want to have one. In the first place, that time I don't think that I can afford to have one. I belong to a poor family and I was nurture by my parents to be contented on what we only have. This thinking of mine on simple living continues even after I graduated and landed on a job. But when I get married and got my first son, it seems that everything I think that I don't want seems to change. I started to look more than what I have, not for my sake but for my family.

I believe right now that if I will not desire for something like having my own car, I will never achieve it. I will not strive for it because I have no plans for it. It will be become more impossible if I will not think that I might have my own car in the future. That's why right now, I changed my mind setting, I want now a car that I can call mine. Currently, I own a Honda XRM motor bike and been using it for 4 years. I like the bike as my personal transportation in going to work and other places I want to, but it is not safe to use if I will bring along my family. Its too risky and health hazard. Since the ride during rain or shine doesn't have any protection, unlike with a car. I am targetting to have it in 4 years time or less.

I like the new small cars today like KIA Picanto, Honda Freed, Jazz or Civic or the Cherry. Any of those will do. :) How about you, do you want to have your own car?


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