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Don't Panic! Swine Flu A(H1N1 Strain) is Here

May 25, 2009
That's right! Last Thursday, the Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines announced the first ever case of swine flu A(H1N1 virus) case in the country and it was a girl from US who happened to have gone to Canada too, who brings the first record of the said infection. But don't panic, the girl and the people that is suspected to have a close contact on the person where quarantined and brought into careful observations so it can't spread yet. This health case today that is experienced by the whole world is quite giving trouble and worries to a lot of people. It is because several cases of this disease already brings several deaths.

Maybe some of you is thinking, "What if I got infected? What will happen to me? Is it the end of the world for me?" If you got infected and shows the symptoms of the disease, there is still hope because of the availability of the vaccine. Of course it is better to prevent the infection rather than the cure, as always, the best actually. However, worries and paranoia sometimes is the "great killer" of all and it will really not help. People should be vigilant instead and be careful.

Prayers can be very helpful in this situation and my number one recommendation for all to do in this time. - eriuqs spires healthy recreation


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