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Playing Chess Again this Weekend

May 15, 2009
eriuqs spires healthy recreationJust last night, a friend of mine in our chess organization informed me of the local chess tournament in Sapian, Capiz - a town in the province. I decided to go there instead of reporting to work not to win really but just to have some fun while freeing up my mind with the stress and pressures of work. I really love playing chess even if I didn't win it. An acquaintance even asked me why I keep on playing the game despite I am not winning or my skills on it doesn't improve. I just answered him, "it's not the winning that counts, its what I learn and gain in the process." Through this chess, I gain several friends and pals that let me smile or frown.

With regards to my current standing on the tournament, my score is 2.5 out of 3 games, winning 2 games and gain one draw on my last game. There's still two games tomorrow and I am hoping to win so that I could at least get a wooden chess trophy which I really like how it is curved. Oh, well that's the reason why I can't do anything yet on the topic "eriuqs spires healthy recreation" because of this "busy game" I'll be playing this weekend. I will just update you with my final standing later.


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