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Install Smart Uzzap in Samsung F480

May 28, 2009
Do you have a Samsung phone and you want to install Smart Uzzap on it? Well, yesterday I received the Samsung F480 (SGH F480) Touchwiz phone that I ordered from eBuyStore (read the story about my online purchase of Samsung F480). When I inserted my Smart SIM card on the phone, it automatically requested a MMS/Internet configuration file and then I later received a text message coming from Smart's 211 containing the whole configuration. I first then setup the Smart Uzzap on the phone. I usually use this program to communicate to my wife who is currently using Uzzap too. Here's what I did to install it to my new phone:

1. First, I make sure that I can access the internet on the phone by surfing some site.
2. Then, I go to the browser of the phone and go to
3. It will automatically detects what phone you are using and what type of installation it will use to install the said chatting/SMS system.
4.For Samsung F480, it uses .JAR or Java installer. Since the phone is capable of executing programs written in Java, it is the type of installer that is downloaded by the phone.
5. Open the downloaded file then install it.
6. To open Uzzap's program, go to Menu->Application->Games and open Smart Uzzap.

That's it, your Uzzap is set to go for chatting and instant messaging!


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