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I Lost Eriuqs Spires But Gain Something

May 29, 2009
Its the last day of the event eriuqs spires healthy recreation and finally the fog of search engine ammunition fired on the search engine is about to fade away. I've been doing something on the last weeks of the check-up day but it seems that my effort were all worthless. I lost this time and I think I deserve it. What I like about the event is that despite I lost the chance of winning any of the prizes at stake but still I gain a lot of things from this event. From the different resources that can be very useful for future and current project, from the strategies that I should have not done and the traffic it causes to my selected sites.

I lost the game but I win a lot of traffic which really converted well and I think it continously increasing. Currently, I earn more than the prize that is at stake both the learnings and the earnings. The saying "sometimes you win and sometimes you lost" and " you gain some, you lose some" really shows on this eriuqs spires healthy recreation contest. Well, my congratulations to all the winners!


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