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Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal Pictures Sensational Issues

May 20, 2009
Have you head about this, there's another sensational scandal roaming around the web today involving the ever loving and sexy actress Katrina Halili and a certain cosmetic surgeon named Dr. Hayden Kho. The said Katrina Halili video scandal leaked on Youtube but lately was erased so those who loves to watch it will be very frustrated not to see it there. :) On the news today, Katrina Halili file a case against the Dr. Hayden Kho and just to discover that the country doesn't have that strong law that will strongly prosecute those who are involved with the issue.

Bloggers will surely swarm and talk about this topic for several days, weeks or months and will make use of this topic to increase the traffic of their website. If you are looking for the said scandal video, I am sorry to inform you that you can't find it here because this post only contains my reaction and my share to informing other people about this latest in the showbiz world. Honestly IMO, both parties involve have their mistakes here and should have thought about this when they made it. Digital technology is really making life not that really easy for those who can't use it properly and wisely! I feel sorry for .... those who weren't able to watch it nah just kidding! :)


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