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What is the Status of "Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation" Race?

May 22, 2009
Its quite frustrating! My entries on eriuqs spires healthy recreation did not rank well and I think will not able to manage to grab any prizes at stake. Maybe this is the result of what I have done the other week and that is "NOTHING!" I stop from doing anything last week because my time was allotted to the current tasks assigned to me plus I am preparing for the certification that I have taken this week. This might be the root of the problem of my entries. It lacks enough and quality "healthy recreation" relevant links that it will become strong. I thought the competition will be very easy because few participants show their interests of joining. However it is opposite to what I have expected. The aggressiveness and toughness of the link building strategy of the involve individuals are far advance to what I have previously performed. This only shows how they are really serious in grabbing the crown right now.

Well, all worst will happen and as eriuqs spires healthy recreation doesn't falls into places that will benefit me, then I can't do anything about it. I will just cyber shake the hands of the champ for this challenge. I think they have done a great job on this and they deserve to be recognized. Later, I will just update this post and will list the top 3 eriuqs spires healthy recreation winners so be here on noon of the 29th.


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