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May 8, 2009
I've seen the current episode of Supernatural Season 4 Episode 21 entitled "When the Levee breaks." I am really sad how the story gone after Sam Winchester gone deeper with his thirst for power and killing Lilit by any means. Even by drinking the blood of demons which Dean Winchester is really disappointed. It is sad as Sam is becoming different, specifically "a monster." This is the term used by Dean to describe the things that is happening with his brother during their confrontation on the current episode. Next week, it will be the season finale of Supernatural and I am really excited for the said finale. My mind is already playing on what will happens next with the brothers and the apocalypse. Will Lucifer finally get out from his lair or do the brothers or only sam can stop it? It will be answered on the Supernatural Season Finale entitled "Lucifer Rising."

Well I don't know if this series will still have a Season 5, I hope so because I still want to see how the Winchesters fight evil but the problem is what will be the story line, it seems too difficult to find one after they've shown almost everything of the story. Let see happens next after the finale. By the way, this is the TV Series that I really love to watch during Friday (PHT) and after I am done tweaking on my eriuqs spires healthy recreation post to be ready on 29th of May for the final judgement.


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