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House TV Series is Back with "Office Politics"

November 8, 2010
After several weeks of rest by Dr. House, the witty and funny guy from the fictional hospital is back with the newest episode and that is entitled as "Office Politics." I miss the House-Cuddy love story and the simple but really rocks unique treatment style of House. Tonight, Monday, November 8, 2010, I can watch House season 7 episode 6.

Now, aside from this TV series, I will watch Megamind - the 3D animated film featuring Will Ferrel as the alien with a big head. I want to feel like a kid once more and smile with this movie. Aside from this animation, another comedy film that I really love to find out what happens after the flying car above the bridge happens is the Due Date movie by Robert Downey Jr. I believe that this comedy film by the Iron Man guy will surely hit big time both in my preferences and in box office.

Well, I am relaxing and watching these TV series and movies makes my relaxing sessions much more exciting. How about you, would you watch House, Megamind and/or Due Date? You should!


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