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Megamind to Watch This Weekend

November 5, 2010
My kids and I have in common. Nah not the facial appearance nor the nose, its what we like to watch in theaters. I like horror films but I usually watched animated movies such as this upcoming movie by Will Ferrel, MEGAMIND. I like the blue funny guy with a big head and even my son is laughing with this guy as he tries to be villain but it seems that he's not. This is the reason why I will watch Megamind movie, its quite different than the usual super hero vs. villa animation movie.

Aside from Megamind,a TV series that is about to reach its penultimate finale will be showing on TV this weekend and that is the Smallville season 10 episode 7 entitled "Ambush." I like to see Clark and Lois together, they're funny, cute and sexy together. Well, high school life indeed moving into a more adult stage of superman.

Well, how about you guys, how would you spend your weekend this week?

Later, wait for more information on this blog about the upcoming fight, Pacquiao vs. Margarito on November 13, 2010 (almost less than 2 weeks from now).


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