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Watch The Event Season 1 Episode 10: Everything Will Change Online Free

November 23, 2010
Watching TV online provides a lot of advantages especially if you missed an episode of your all-time favorite television series. I found a new way on how to watch my favorite television series online for free. Just visit for you to watch The Event Season 1 Episode 10: Everything will Change online for free.

The Event is an American television series with a substance combination of Sci-fi, politics and thrill, created by Nick Wauters for NBC. The show is being aired every Mondays, 9:00 PM. The show’s story revolves on the existence of extraterrestrial people who have been detained by the US Government for sixty-six years. Caught in the middle of these events is Sean Walker, whose plans to propose to his girlfriend on a Caribbean cruise is cut short when she mysteriously disappears from the ship. Sean’s investigation eventually led him to uncover a huge national conspiracy bigger than the President himself.

The previous episode aired last November 22 featured how President Martinez reacted to the knowledge of who betrayed him within his administration. Meanwhile, after revealing her plan for the Sleeper’s future, Sophia learned the dissension among her people. She had set a trap for the perpetrators and acted decisively to quell any future mutiny. Elsewhere, Sean and Leila tried to unravel the mystery of Samantha’s kidnapping, while evading Dempsey’s nefarious clutches.

On Episode 10 of The Event, President Martinez confronts the traitor in his administration, only to be met with threats of exposing the cover-up of Avias Air 514. Even after testing the loyalty of Isabel and Thomas, Sophia still suspects their subterfuge, so she sends Simon on a fact-finding mission. Her suspicions are confirmed when Thomas reveals a shocking new plan.

Meanwhile, on the hunt for Samantha, Sean and Leila battle the mercenaries sent by Dempsey. Watch out for the latest episode of The Event to be aired on November 29, 2010, Everyting Will Change.


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