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Where To Watch Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 10: After Hours Online For Free

November 24, 2010
“Blue Bloods”, I can’t figure what word could best fit for the show, but I’ll go for superb. We have seen lots of family shows, with some are good punchers of hilarity. Unlike family shows that compliment best for a laugh trip, Blue Bloods do bests as a family drama series, family interaction is absolutely good and CBS baked the show very well.

There are lots of family shows scattered in your television, but there are only few that are exceptional and the rest are just more on talking, thought?- pretty empty. If you’re pinching a good food for your thought, don’t just gobble on raw, because it is really awful to digest. I’m not looking for a very outstanding TV show because that would be to near for a rainbow type irony. And of course, not everything you’ll ask, you’ll get. Blue Bloods had a good mixture of drama and action, the shows’ fulcrum is balanced well. Talking about food for thought, family values is good main course. Though episodes passes thru a narrow and sometimes wide notion, still the show doesn’t slip away with the family theme. I don’t watch Blue Bloods because I have to; I watch the show because I really love it.

Anyway to get you updated, Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 10: After Hours will air on December 3rd under the direction of Alex Zakrzewski and writer Brian Burns. If you missed the previous episodes or just want to have a recap, drop on and watch Blue Bloods’ episodes online free. 


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