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November 29, 2010
I was bugged by some few ads whenever I watch my favorite show Chuck. I am not grumping about the networks means of grossing but, well, you’ll wait for a week then you’ll just able to watch the show for less than an hour including the commercial breaks, now, did you see what I mean? This watching scheme is troublesome, so I changed my old- school entertainment. You know, I love to watch Chuck, he’s kind of pony but smart. The show is quite good and I love it for having a bit shot of hilarity, tons of action- packed and an oz. absurd romance. But the problem is, I often miss its episodes. The reason I moved to online watching. Online watching through the means of your internet is quite trouble fee, no commercial breaks and no more missing episodes, its convenience had brought my entertainment an upgrade. Having it for free anytime and anywhere you wanted defines the real entertainment. Now even I can’t watch on its original airing date I still can dig for it in the office, park, coffee shop, restro and of course right through my room without wrestling against my mom, dad, brothers and sisters for the remote. The show is mine…all mine.

Let’s Drop on Chuck, this cocky guy with a smart tie knows what entertaining is (or shall I give the credit to NBC). He’s no James Bond, but agent stuff? I think he’s the ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ that knows how to kick some goof. Guts? Pretty sure he has plenty of it, but he can’t spare a little dose to tell Sarah what he feels. All in all he totally rocks.

Anyway, if you want to watch Chuck Season 4 Episode 10: Chuck vs. the Leftovers I am sharing this site, just visit, bring your own shovel and dig on The original airing will be on November 29th.


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