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Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 9: Special Education Online Free

November 26, 2010
Almost every person can sing, don’t they? But not all of those who can sing can become a member of the glee club. The Glee Club is one of the most popular clubs in a school campus where the members’ primary qualification or requirement is to have a good and powerful voice. They form a group to sing together, more of like a choir. Singing is what connects the group and the common passion among members.

Glee is a biting musical comedy television series that has quickly become a pop-culture phenomenon, especially to high school dudes. Aired every Tuesday night, 8PM on Fox, Glee has captured the hearts and interests of the viewers making it as one of the top-rated and award-winning TV series of the year. The series talks about a group of fervent and ambitious high school students as they strive hard to outshine their singing competition while navigating the cruel halls of McKinley High. The New Directions are determined pretty well to make it to the Nationals and defeat their arch and rivals, Vocal Adrenaline, although they lost at Regional’s.

The next episode of Glee, Episode 9 entitled “Special Education”, will be aired on November 30, 2010. I know that it’s definitely hard to a miss at least a single episode of this most sought after television show. You don’t have to worry because you can now watch online. Just log on to for you to watch Glee Season 2, Episode 9: Special Education online for free.

Special Education episode will show how New Directions performs at Sectionals, competing against the Dalton Academy Warblers and the Warren Township Hipsters. However, while the relationship between guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) and dentist Carl Howell (John Stamos) develops, those of some of the students meet difficult and rough patches.


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