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Rapunzel is Back with Tangled!

November 20, 2010
The New Rapunzel

Do you still remember the princess at the top of the tower, trapped and got the long hair? That's right, it is Rapunzel (not Princess Fiona of Shrek LOL). The last time that I have watched a movie or short TV show relating to this fairy tale was when I was in the primary education. I am so young when the last time I have seen this film with Rapunzel. Now, Disney bring back her with the latest film, Tangled. However, the all we know sweet, gentle and finesse princess that is saved by a prince charming is different from the recent movie.

They put a little twist of funny stuff and action-packed scene from the latest Tangled movie. This will be released in the US on November 24 and I hope it will be shown in 3D in theaters in our place. I really want to watch Tangled 'coz I just really want to see the big difference between the Rapunzel of the past versus of today.

If I am into zombie this weekend (as I have mentioned about The Walking Dead on my last post), next week will be a very nice, laugh out loud fairy tale that every young and young at heart will really enjoy.


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