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Watch The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5 Online

November 28, 2010
Zombies? They dead right, but I hope you’re watching a creep show that wasn’t dead boring as these dead walkers. If you are looking for a new bloodbath scheme, probably you need to dig on AMC and watch The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5: Wildfire.

Kirkman’s artwork really knows how to deliver goosebumps definitely it’s the kind of post- apocalyptic horror show most of us want to watch. Darabont, though took few credits from Kirkman’s zombiepiece, he still knows how to spill blood. What I love in these kinds of shows is that, zombie are pretty good munchers and knows no good or bad menu (perhaps they should try a grilled human). Surviving is a great thing indeed, even us we try to survive in our daily skews that would be the reason why lots of viewers are hooked in this kind of genre (end of days, apocalypse thing). The Walking Dead, zombie horror + human drama is a good credit and perhaps that would be its stronghold. Zombie scheme, it appears to be an old tale for me but like other zombocalypse show, it nice to see it integrated with new twist like the virus epidemic. So far the show was progressing fair enough, heartwarming reunion, death of a hot prime character chick and people are getting bewildered.

The fifth episode of the first season follows the group as they moved out from the camp after a zombie attack and they were heading to Atlanta disease control center, they are pushing their luck without knowing what’s ahead of them.

To see more exciting thrills of AMC’s creep treat, don’t miss to watch Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5: Wildfire as it airs on Nov 28th.


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