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Supernatural Brings "Appointment in Samarra"

December 10, 2010
Book Cover of
Appointment in Samarra by
John O'Hara
My favorite show every Friday got a special treat for fans like me this weekend. As Supernatural season 6 episode 11 brings the newest episode without the face of Crowley with a title "Appointment in Samarra." Based on my research the title was based on 1934 novel by John O'Hara which surrounds about a certain death. Maybe this is the reason why the people behind Supernatural put this title as Dean will have a deal with Death to take back the soul Sam.

However, the new soul-less Sam seems don't like the idea so they got a separate path to take as this man will do anything just to prevent the plan of Dean. This is the reason he goes allied with the rogue angel, Balthazar. Tsk, it is getting complicated each day for the Winchesters.

Well, I am excited to watch this Supernatural episode and I hope things turn well for both brothers and for Bobby too. 'Coz what I saw from the trailer, it seems Sam is willing to sacrifice Bobby's blood for his desire.


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