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Things You’ll Like about Tron: Legacy

December 13, 2010
It took nearly 30 years before Disney drags us back into the ‘Grid’ and the fuss makes the crowd giggling to watch Tron: Legacy. The 1982 original Tron was a myth and its iconographic sketch of virtual reality pioneers the remarkable computer graphics in 80’s which made it to be unforgettable. 28 long years, I am too young to remember the hype, but my anticipation of the movie Tron: Legacy fuels my excitement. I was toiling on a movie review, and I list down things that you’ll probably like abut Tron: Legacy. Here’s the excerpt.

Visual Effects

That would be if I would not take it as a credit. The 1982 original was a classic, and its computer graphics became a hallmark in movie history but Tron: Legacy is a sleek- thanks to the modern technology. Steven Lisberger director of the 1982 Tron admits that making a glossy schemed movie was impossible during that time using only brushes and paints but with the help of an arcane voodoo, somehow the movie is an exemplar. Tron: Legacy’s visual effects was smooth, you don’t need to wonder what’s the difference between virtual reality and reality, because there’s none.

The Word Daft Punk

If there’s something you’d be glad to hear if you watch Tron: Legacy, then what ‘Daft Punk’ is it? No matter how great the movie is, it would not be mesmerizing without a great score and it’s a good thing that Disney installs the French electronic music duo Daft Punk in the ‘Grid’. I wonder how the 1982 original survives without ear- blowing tracks. Daft Punk, these robo-masked dudes really know how to scratch an eargasmic music that makes your little bony eardrum grooving. The original score ‘Derezzed’ (Tron word which means to kill off) makes the movie what it should be.


The gameworld would not be so cool without the cool stuff. Thinking that the Bat Cycle was the sexiest bike? You better think twice. Light cycles of Tron are originally designed by Syd Mead which was used in the original 1982 movie. He originally created an open- cockpit design, but Joseph Kosinski director of Tron: Legacy wants a more exposed biker which the 1982 Tron could not possibly make because of the pixilated hampered technology in 1980. Recent designers, Gilford and Daniel Simon sketched an image of a bike racer which jives on Kosinki’s perspective. The sleek faster that leaves a wall of neon you will see if you watch Tron: Legacy would be the “sexiest, coolest bike you could possibly imagine- that was totally 100%.

Olivia Wilde

I never thought Quorra was a program; Olivia Wilde was too sexy to be a program. When I saw her on the trailer, man, she was really stunning driving a cool cosmic vehicle. She’s not just a cool chick, she’s so cool enough to kick the Grid’s programmed drone’s butt. Definitely, Croft and Elektra would be so glad to meet her- they can form the new Charlie’s Angels.

Flynn or Clu

The last one thing I would probably like to see is Jeff Bridges himself. He’s Bridges right, but not the Bridges my dad knew. He plays to be Kevin Flynn in the 1982 original, a computer geek who tries to hack Encom’s main computer. Yep, as the story goes, he was sucked up anyway and forced to play inside the Grid. If you’ll watch Tron: Legacy, the story will follow Sam Kevin’s son who tries to find Kevin after he mysteriously disappeared. To make the story short, he ends up sucked in the place where his father is and he finds not only one dad but two. There goes the bad guy Clu (they used a state-of-the-art 3D camera to project Bridges in his 1980 era look), who tries to run the grid just like the Nazi’s era. If there’s someone who knows the way around, there’s no other man could than Jeff Bridges. He knows quite the story and he’s the real Tron icon.

So, there goes my list. Anyway, don’t miss to watch Tron: Legacy as it hits the theater on eye-popping 3D on December 17th.


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