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Kudos to AMC!

December 4, 2010
The whole season was great, indeed Darabont never fails Kirkman dragging his comic book on the television and gathered lots of credits from the televiewers. The Walking Dead is the best show ever, it is like a mini-movie and it is really a powerful show. And now there’s only one episode left and they were inching out from the first season. I can’t wait to watch The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6: TS-19.The climatic finale of the first season will air on December 5th. Since it aired, it became AMCS’s hardcore and lots of viewers are hooked with it and in fact it already broke ratings records. Spilling a blood, I love the way Darabont draws a bloodbath out of Kirkman’s bloody scheme. As you noticed, some scenes of the show are really taken from the comic book, on how things are should to be happen, like the biker girl, remember? I am looking forward for the next season and I can’t wait to watch the first episode. As I know, the 2nd season will roll 13 episodes (I don’t know when the first episode will air). Horrific, hmmm… totally, thrills…overwhelming, drama….a hundred percent pour out, I wonder how Darabont hammered and refines Kirkmans zombocalypse into much more complex.

Catching the drift of the climatic last episode of the first season, Rick was able to lead the group into CDC (Center of Disease Control) after moving out from the camp after the incident. On the CDC, they stumble on a mysterious doctor; they were amused on what the doctor showed them. Perhaps they find CDC as safe place, but how long? That would go for the next season to answer the latter. There’s are lot of answers to dig so if you want to catch the hype, I bet you need to watch The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 6: TS-19. You can also review the whole season on


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