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I Want To Watch Disney's Tron Legacy

December 6, 2010
After 28 years, Jeff Bridges is back in the virtual world- that took few changes after its first kick off. If he is dealing with pistols and horses in the True Grit, well, not in Tron. Taking the other side, Tron is a fictional virtual game place which is programmed for some kind of an entertainment (death match). Bridges once played in Tron world (1982 Tron) and managed to escape. Tron: Legacy follows the story of the first franchise, Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn was sucked up in the world Tron and he is playing two roles this time the prime antagonist Kevin, a program from Tron and Kevin himself. Tron: Legacy follows Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) in his search for his father Kevin and finds himself in the virtual gaming world of Tron. Working with Quorra (Olivia Wilde) he sets into the game field not just to survive but to save his father as well. After the flying broom hype, Tron’s advance mobile is another ride to catch.

Aside from cool graphics, Disney will be putting Tron: Legacy into eye-popping 3D format- that compensates well for the theme. Tron: Legacy will hit the theaters on December 17th, suits in your Christmas treat list. Good movies will never be that mesmerizing without a good score and Daft Punk takes a good credit of it. The French electronic music duos are well-known for their eargasmic remix, and with their wits, Tron: Legacy will be set into a more blazing futurama scheme.

I am pretty sure that lots of Tron fans are itching to watch Tron: Legacy, who’s not bugged anyway? and besides Tron: Legacy could define an entertainment hype, the reason it is impossible not to watch.


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