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Christmas Special from Glee

December 7, 2010

One of my favorite musical TV show is Glee and since Christmas time is fast approaching and the feeling of loving, family gathering seems so near, this series also made a special episode just for this season. Christmas carols will be surely played in the air on Glee season 2 episode 10 with an episode title "A Very Glee Christmas" for they will sing songs for the show such as the We Need a Little Christmas, Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Merry Christmas Darling, and Welcome Christmas.

However, it seems that as the Glee will take a vacation, it will leave a sad thought as coach Sue some unfair practice on exchanging gifts. Read the following synopsis and tell me what you understand about it:

It's Christmas time at McKinley High and Finn tries to get everyone in the holiday spirit; Brittany needs no help because she still believes in Santa Claus. In other news, Sue scams the teacher's Secret Santa. - Source:

The faculty hold a Secret Santa gift exchange, but Sue (Jane Lynch) tampers with the outcome to her favor. Meanwhile, Finn decides to brighten the school with the upcoming winter holidays and Artie finds out Brittany still holds belief in Santa Claus. - Source: Wikipedia

Will this be very serious or will the season takes it lightly and the faculty will not make it as a big deal? Well, watch out and check Glee's final episode this year on Tuesday night, Dec. 7, 2010. Enjoy the show!


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